Thursday, November 26, 2015.

Christopher Columbus First Voyage

It was August 3, 1492 when Christopher Columbus left from Spain for his initial journey. The Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Niña made up his small fleet of ships with teams of men joining him from nearby towns. At the outset Christopher Columbus planned to land for a short period on the Canary Islands but ended up with a month's layover. This was due to a lack of wind and the requirements of ship maintenance. The wind remained flat and so it took him a few days at the beginning of September to establish visual contact with the island of Hierro.

Christopher Columbus landed at the Bahamas October 12 and continued to Cuba October 28. It was at this point that the captain of the Pinta leaves the small fleet in search of gold on a small Island. Apparently some natives had told captain Pinzón about the island Babeque. Columbus either didn't find this a worthy venture or didn't know about it as he carried on till December 5th where he landed at Hispaniola.

On December 24th the Santa Maria hit a reef and on the following day went under. It was a very unfortunate situation as the remaining smaller ship, the Niña, wasn't able to contain the shipwrecked group. Making purpose of the wreckage Christopher Columbus constructed a fortress at the coast and called it Christmas (La Navidad). Christopher Columbus had to leave behind roughly forty of the crew at the Fort. He left from there January 2nd, 1493 with the promise of returning from Spain to rescue the men.

Christopher Columbus carried on beside the shoreline of Hispaniola where, on January 6, they happened to find the previously rogue Pinta. At the very least Christopher Columbus was pleased to have another vessel on the homecoming journey although he was still unhappy with Pinzón. After leaving on January 16 a strong storm, on February 14, split them from each other and both captains thought the other had been destroyed. Christopher Columbus arrived back on March 15, 1493. Captain Pinzón died days after arriving shortly after Christopher Columbus who had obviously reaped all the glory.

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